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Spoils of Olympus Receives a Perfect Score from Reader's Favorite Review and Award Contest: Three 5

Spoils of Olympus Receives a Perfect Score from Reader's Favorite Review and Award Contest: Three 5 Star Ratings

Reviews below:

Review #1: Mamta Madhaven from Reader's Favorite


Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword by Christian Kachel is set in 322 BC in ancient Greece when the Macedonian Empire is on the decline after the death of Alexander the Great. Andrikos finds himself being thrust into the world of war and the army. The book also takes readers through the stages of Andrikos' life from a boy who is forced to join the army to that of a responsible adult chosen for a secret mission filled with danger and suspense. The story also throws light on the disturbing times in Greece and Macedonia that prevailed after the death of Alexander the Great. The author effortlessly weaves together history, war and intrigue, making it a riveting read. Apart from revealing parts of history, the book also offers readers good suspense and intrigue. The character development of Andrikos from that of a boy to a man is done effortlessly. The author has researched well and has shared with readers that time in history which many of us are not so aware of. The author has given a lot of attention to detail and any student of history will enjoy this. The story and its setting have a good pace and will keep readers glued to the book. I liked the author's style of writing which is descriptive and detailed and makes the plot and the scenes very clear. Historical stories always catch my interest and this one with history, intrigue and the journey of Andrikos is highly entertaining.

Review #2: Heather Osborne from Reader's Favorite


Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword by Christian Kachel is an epic tale of a young man, Andrikos, journeying from a mundane existence in the town of Ilandra to become a part of a secret organization sworn to protect the bloodline of Alexander the Great. Andrikos finds himself enlisted in the Greek army after a conflict in his town makes him an outlaw. He strives to work hard and serve his commanding officers well, but is by no means an outstanding character. Divided factions rule over the Greek empire after the death of Alexander and are constantly struggling for the upper hand. Recruited by Vettias, a high-ranking officer, but also a member of the King’s Hand, Andrikos is schooled in the art of ancient espionage. The goal of the King’s Hand is to get the right heir on the throne of Alexander’s empire. Can Andrikos live up to the harsh expectations of his mentor or will he be unable to stomach the harsh life of an informant? Mr. Kachel has woven together an expertly researched tale. Although lengthy, I was held riveted to every page, wondering what would become of Andrikos. This is truly a tale of rags to riches. Andrikos never expects to be given certain opportunities, but he does redeem himself from the shame he left behind in Ilandra. I could tell that, despite his harsh methods, Vettias thought of Andrikos as a sort of surrogate son and perhaps someone to continue his legacy in the King’s Hand. Add in the spunky prostitute Mara as a recruited spy and Kachel gives us a cast of characters that will not soon be forgotten. I look forward to reading other books by this author and avidly await the sequel of By the Sword.

Review #3: Michelle Robertson from Reader's Favorite


Ever wondered what happened after the end of Alexander the Great's legendary life as Greece's greatest soldier, hero, and leader? A lot can be read about Alexander the Great and his quest to dominate the world, but not much is stated about how "his" people were affected by his sudden death. The death of Alexander brought a split of his conquered lands as well as the political hoopla leaders, army generals, and citizens faced. Author Christian Kachel brings this riveting tale to life by telling the tale of Andrikos, who as a boy watched and admired Alexander as he led his army through his home town of Ionia, a Greek town, while defeating the great Persian army at the Granicus River. Andrikos not only suffers like the rest of the Greek people, mourning the loss of their great leader, but he also battles the insecurities of a young man trying to prove himself to his uncle after his father's death. After much thought, and a little encouragement from his uncle (if you could call it that), Andrikos decides to join what was left of Alexander's army. His struggles, however, are far from over. Little did he know how much he would endure through training under one of Alexander's generals as the army sought to conquer and bask in the successful spoils of Olympus. Will Andrikos follow many soldiers' fate and die on the battlefield just a soldier, or is he destined for something better? Come find out. Christian Kachel has done his homework, researching the facts, details, and time lines for his historical fiction novel, The Spoils of Olympus: By the Sword. The character development and scenes are skillfully well written and amazingly intriguing. A reader will find themselves enthralled with each scene, page, and word of this epic tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. As an avid historical fiction reader, I am anxiously awaiting news of a second book release, and recommend this book to any reader interested in historical fiction, or just history and fiction in general.

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