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In Alexander's Footsteps

2011 Gardez, Afghanistan. The Hindu-Kush Moutains. I am standing at over 8000 feet elevation while taking this picture so the mountain range in the background is at least 14,000 feet. Imagine Alexander marching a war-weary army of 45,000 through the Khyber pass approximately 125 miles from here on his way to invade Pakistan and Northern India.

CitidalDec1 003.JPG

2008 Irbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. This is one of the oldest, continuously inhabited structures in the world and certainly would have been standing in some form when Alexander won his epic victory at Guagamela just 62 miles west of the city in 331 B.C.


2011 Gardez, Afghanistan. The locals all claimed the small stone and mud structure on top of the hill in the foreground was the remnant of a fort established by Alexander. While I have my doubts it still makes for a cool story. Hindu-Kush Mountains in the background.

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