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A New Tomb Found From the Wars of Succession: Who is buried there?

New Macedonian Tomb.jpg
A new tomb found in present-day Northern Greece points to an important personality from the time of Alexander the Great. Archaeologists are still uncertain who is buried there but the opulence of the tomb points to someone from the Argead royal family. Unfortunately, initial excitement about potentially finding Alexander's lost remains are misplaced because we know his body was stolen by his general Ptolemy and brought to Alexandria in Egypt (as vividly described in The Spoils of Olympus- shameless plug). We also know it remained there at least until the early-mid days of the Roman Empire (about 400 years after Alexander's death) because documents from the period tell us Alexander's tomb was a must-see tourist destination for Rome's elite. My hope is the tomb belongs to someone from Alexander's immediate family: Olympias, Rhoxane, or his ill fated half-Greek-half-Afghani son, Alexander IV. Below is a link to a National Geographic story that discusses the mysterious tomb.

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